Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving is your chance to get wet and experience what scuba diving is all about. This is the experience program for someone who would like to try SCUBA Diving with Vietnam Active Dive Center without committing to a full certification course. The try scuba program with Vietnam Active Dive Center takes only few hours, starts with an explanation of basic diving theory and explains about equipment, equalizing and breathing techniques, then go into shallow water for acclimatization and some skills practice. Then take you on a shallow water dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters.

For DSD program, you are closely supervised by a professional instructor or dive master.

We also provide Open Water Courses and Snorkeling that you can take if you have enjoyed your Try Diving Experience in Nha Trang.

We teach our scuba programs in the following languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese, and Russian.

However, we also regularly work with translators so please feel free to contact us anytime to check if your classes can be taught in your language.

Price for 2 Dives: 1.750.000 VND | $75

What is included?

  • High quality equipment including a dive computer.
  • All fees.
  • Fully-certified PADI or SSI instructor/divemaster guiding you.
  • All drinks and food aboard the boat.
  • Pick-up / drop off arrangements.

Itinerary for the day

  • Pick-up is at 07:30 from our dive shop, or from your hotel depending on its location.
  • We arrive at the harbor around 08:00, and head to Hon Mun Marine Park, which takes approximately 45 minutes by boat.
  • Fruit, tea, coffee and drinking water is provided on the boat throughout the day.
  • We spend around 1 hour/1 hour 30 minutes at the first dive site which allows plenty of time to make the most of your activity.
  • Then brunch is served, consisting of a buffet of bread rolls, cold meats, cheese, eggs, and salad.
  • After this break, we travel a short distance to the second dive site where we spend another hour or so, before heading back to the harbor.
  • We arrive back at the harbor between 13:00-14:00, and our transport will take you back to your hotel or the dive shop.

Can I fly after diving?

Its recommended to wait 12-18 hours after diving before flying on an airplane.

Recreational scuba diving and freediving requires good physical and mental health. There are a few medical conditions which
can be hazardous while diving, listed below. Those who have, or are predisposed to, any of these conditions, should be evaluated
by a physician. This Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire provides a basis to determine if you should seek out that evaluation.

Open SSI Medical Questionnaire