Rescue Diver Course (PADI or SSI)

The Rescue Diver Course is for divers with advanced skills who want to learn how to intervene and help in emergency situations. The Rescue course is taken over 3 days and you will learn to focus on the safety of other divers whilst completing a series of rescue scenarios. You will also need to complete an Emergency First Response course in order to achieve Rescue Diver status. This can be done in conjunction with the Rescue Course.

Course Overview and Rescue Scenarios

  • 3 day course
  • Handle a panicked or tired diver at the surface
  • Control a panicked diver underwater
  • Search for a missing/unconcious diver underwater
  • Rescue breathing underwater
  • Returning an unconscious diver back to the surface
  • Performing emergency aid on an unconscious diver whilst returning them to the boat
  • Final test using all of the scenarios above

Rescue Diver Course: $360

EFR (Emergency First Responder): $130

The minimum age is 12 years old.

  • High quality equipment including a dive computer.
  • A logbook to record your future dives.
  • All cerfitication fees.
  • Fully-certified PADI or SSI instructor teaching you.
  • All drinks and food aboard the boat.
  • Pick-up arrangements.

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