Freediving Course (SSI or PADI)   

Level 1 Freediving course is aimed to provide a basic knowledge of the different freediving disciplines, the important rules and safest way to freedive while allowing the fastest improvement up to 20 meters depth.
The Level 1 course takes 2 days. The first day, classes are given in Nha Trang in a swimming pool and the second day will be on a boat around Hon Mun island.

Content of course:

  • Theory: equipment, physiology of freediving, equalization technique, breathing, safety and freediving rescue skills
  • Breathing sessions
  • Stretching
  • Shallow water training
  • Deep water sessions

1st day: 8:30AM to 16:00PM
2nd day: 8:00 AM to 14:00 PM

Course Price: $250

Try Freediving for Beginners: $65

Fun Freediving for certified Freedivers: $55

Itinerary for the day;
  • Pick-up is at 07:30 from our dive shop, or from your hotel depending on its location.
  • We arrive at the harbor around 08:00, and head to Hon Mun Marine Park, which takes approximately 45 minutes by boat.
  • Fruit, tea, coffee and drinking water is provided on the boat throughout the day.
  • We spend around 1 hour/1 hour 30 minutes at the first dive site which allows plenty of time to make the most of your activity.
  • Then brunch is served, consisting of a buffet of bread rolls, cold meats, cheese, eggs, and salad.
  • After this break, we travel a short distance to the second dive site where we spend another hour or so, before heading back to the harbor.
  • We arrive back at the harbor between 13:00-14:00, and our transport will take you back to your hotel or the dive shop.

What is included :

High quality equipment including a dive computer, all drinks and food aboard the boat, pick-up, and a fully certified PADI or SSI instructor teaching you.

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