SSI level 1 Freediving

The introduction to the purest form of diving. Learn proper breathing techniques, familiarize yourself with diaphragm breathing and take a deep breath like you never have before. In the SSI level 1 Freediving course you acquire the proper skills and knowledge to participate in Freediving to depths of 60 ft. (20 meters) in the most relaxed and safest manner possible. You will develop the skills necessary to train your body to be more efficient with breath-holding, gain better respiration and muscle flexibility and learn new skills to take your Freediving to the next level.


  • Be 18 years of age or older (12 years with parent or guardian consent)
  • Have completed the SSI Medical Form
  • Have completed the SSI Liability Release

Main Topics:

  •  Introduction to Freediving
  •  Equipment for Freediving
  •  Breathing for Freediving
  •  Physiology / Respiration – circulation – mammalian dive reflex
  •  Depth and Pressure- Equalization
  •  Safety- Shallow Water Blackout (SWB) & Loss of Motor Control (LMC)
  •  Underwater environment
  •  Freediving and Scuba Diving / Risks
  •  Basic Freediving Disciplines
  •  Dive planning factors / equipment

Duration and Course Outline:

  • Two and a half day course
  • Two theory sessions
  • One pool session
  • Three open water sessions

What’s included:

  • Digital SSI Freediving Level 1 Diamond Student Manual
  • Pool Sessions
  • Open Water Sessions with boat
  • Certification

Cost: 250$

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